Ibis Loya

CrossFit / Bootcamp Coach
Ibis Loya


  • Tecnologico Nacional de Mexico


Ibis was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico and came to Michigan for the first tie in 2010. She went back to Mexico in 2013 which is when she stepped into a CrossFit gym and it was love at first sight.  She is a level 1 certified instructor.  It was through CrossFit that she found her passion in Olympic Lifting, where she eagerly competes as a Master’s athlete.

She is the proud mother of a HS junior and a 6th grader.  She and her husband are both engineers which is how they ended up in the Motor City, even though she decided to pursue fitness instead of automotive.  Her smile and her willingness to work with athletes to make them better is something you will find in our gym.


Favorite Movement: Snatch, but also loves all things gymnastics

Favorite Workout: Anything with a barbell  (No running!)

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