Alex Seifert

CrossFit / Bootcamp Coach
Alex Seifert


  • BS (Central Michigan University


Studied Biomedical Sciences and Psychology at Central Michigan University. Holds certifications in CF-L1 and Precision Nutrition level 1. Has been doing CrossFit for 5 years, coaching full-time for 2 years. Coaching originally started as a part-time hobby and quickly turned into a desire to do more, learn more and help more. “This has become my life and I’m here to change lives, it’s as simple as that. When someone realizes that they are capable of things they didn’t believe was possible, that fires me up. To me, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping individuals with that realization day in and day out.”

Favorite Movement: Heavy squats and cleans

Favorite Workout: Southie, or really anything with barbell cycling

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